Location and Surroundings

We have a variety of different spaces suitable for many different types of sport.

Main building

Hall 1, 32 x 18 m, sprung floors
Swimming pool, 12,5m x 6,2m, 1,2m – 1,5m deep

Majala building

Gymnastics hall 1, 20 x 10 m, sprung floors
Gymnastics hall 2, 13 x 10 m, sprung floors and a moveable tatami
Martial arts studio, 18 x 13 m, tatami

Kalliola building

Hall 2, 28 x 18 m, Taraflex floors

Outdoor sport spaces

Tahmela pitch, artificial turf
-Finnish baseball, football, long jump, track (6 lanes)

There are some options here on our grounds including 15m high rock wall, adventure trail and a 9-hole Frisbee golf track. We also have 2 long boats, 2 canoes, single and double kayaks and two rowing boats.

Excellent walking and running grounds start right off our gates.

During courses and camps we can also utilise several of the city owned sports facilities, most of which are within a 2-8km distance from the institute.

Hall 1


Swimming pool

Gymnastics hall 1

Gymnastics hall 2

Martial arts studio

Hall 2

Tahmela pitch