Seminars And Camps At Varala

Varala offers a number of different seminars through out the year for dozens of team and individual sports for participants of all ages. Our world class facilities allow for the perfect environments to learn from some of the best athletes and coaches the world has to offer!

Varala's student's on the Tahmela Pitch

Have Your Camp At Varala!

A trainer helping an injured basketball player

Varala is the perfect place for your next camp or seminar.
We have facilities for almost every sporting need! Varla has top of line dining facilities for lunch and dinner to re-fuel. Varala can facilitate activites for many different sports and activities.
At camps at Varala, attendes will have access to all of the cultural and amusement activites offered in the Tampere metro area such as Särkäniemi and Varala’s on-premise flowpark!


Henri Kautiala

Henri Kautiala

Professional Teacher and Camp/Seminar Coordinator