E-Learning Courses at Varala

Varala has a number of e-learning courses to cater to any physical education needs. We offer online-courses as well as on-line lectures with our world class coaches and instructors. Our platforms are designed for athletes, students and coaches of all levels and are accessible from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a newcomer looking to learn the basics of exercise instruction or a seasoned coach looking to learn the newest techniques to take your athletes to the next level.
Varala’s online platforms have something for everyone. Learn more today and discover the benefits of using Varala’s online learning platforms


Varala uses Pinja for our main online platform. From our online learning platform you can access all of our courses and the rest of our learning tools.

Wilma is Varla’s platform for educational management including assessment, documentation and communication between teachers, students and guardians.

Varala offers Office 365 tools such as word, excel and power point to allow our learners to create professional presentations as well as communicate efficiently using tools like outlook.

Varala employs Panopto to utilize and manage video used by our staff and our students. With Panopto you view instructional videos on-demand as well as upload your own content to share with instructors as well as other students.

Syke is a online coaching platform used by Varala for our future and current coaches to upload their own online and hybrid coaching programs.


Samuli Liinpää

Samuli Liinpää

Professional Teacher and International Coordinator