Meeting Rooms

Tietoa Varalasta 9

There are several different meeting and lecture spaces in Varala equipped with the latest technology and Wi-Fi. The lecture rooms have data projectors and flip charts. All tables in the rooms are moveable. In the larger rooms (over 20 people) the desks are prearranged in classroom form and other formations in the smaller rooms. Hall 1 can be used for larger conferences and seminars for up to 250 people.


Lecture room 1 & 2, 28 people
Lecture room 3, 50 people
Varala hall, 100 people
Neuvotteluhuone room, 24 people

Villa Varala

Sali 26 peopleKanslia 8 peopleLilja 12 people
Kallio 8 people

Majala building

Lecture room 4, 26 people
Relaxed lecture room/Ylämutteri room, 25 people
Alamutteri room, 20 people

Rantasauna building

Takkahuone A, 20-25 peopleTakkahuone B, 15-20 people

Hirsisauna building, 10-12 people

Lecture spaces in Varala

Lecture room 128202058 m2
Lecture room 230202056 m2
Lecture room 350262686 m2
Neuvotteluhuone room222251 m2
Varala hall1004036135 m2
Säde: Kabinetti room1820
Säde: main dining hall47 m2
Hall 1250 people
Lecture room 426222050 m2
Alamutteri24161637 m2
Ylämutteri2537 m2

Takkahuone A1862 m2
Takkahuone B1650 m2
Hirsisauna, saunatupa10

Sali2843 m2
Kanslia818 m2
Kallio1017 m2
Lilja1229 m2