Life and Sports since 1909

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Life and Sports since 1909

Varala - history >>

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          Our customers tell us

          Testimonial  1

          Openness and transparency are the starting point for successful and uncomplicated cooperation wit...

          Testimonial 2

          “We have used Varala as our course venue for several years, where we run dozens of courses ...

          Tarja Arvola, Puheenjohtaja, SOMTY

          Testimonial 3

          “The start of our meeting / exercise day in the fireplace area was great in the sunshine! E...

          TP-Tools, Tyhy

          Testimonial 4

          “We got a seminar, a miniature fair and a fun exercise event for 140 people in one day.”

          Cinia, Nina Eklund

          Testimonial 5

          “The back school was a surprise and the movements have continued in the workplace. The back...

          Puolustusvoimien tutkimuslaitos

          Testimonial 6

          “Stunning beautiful natural setting for log saunas” “Wonderful place, friendly ...

          Testimonial 7

          “A functional entity from versatile facilities to catering”

          Testimonial 8

          “The setting for a meeting day and evening in the middle of nature and practically in the m...


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