Educational Group Visits

Welcome to Varala Sports Institute for a visit!

We arrange day visits for students, teachers and principals. Choose a half-day visit or full program for the whole day.

Half-day Visits include two meals and two lectures. See example below.

The full program – Visit can include further presentation of Varala Pedagogy, demo classes with students and teachers or workshops in different themes according to your needs.


Varala is a leading sports education institute, a training centre and a versatile centre for sports, leisure and recreational activities. Varala Sports Institute is an official education provider in the field of physical education and sports with an authorization to provide education and award qualifications granted by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Varala offers Vocational Qualification in Sport (180 competence points) and Further Vocational Qualification in Physical Education and Coaching (150 competence points). Along with the degree-oriented education, we offer shorter educational packages tailored to the client’s needs, for example, in relation to physical education pedagogy, motor skills teaching or coaching.

Half-day Visit at Varala

  • Breakfast at campus restaurant Säde
  • Presentation: Varala Sport Institute – Educational programs and operations
  • Campus Walk: Varala area and learning environment
  • Lunch at campus restaurant Säde


  • Breakfast 7,02€ / person (+VAT 14%)
    • Buffet Lunch 13,95€ / person (+ VAT 14%)
    • Educational information and campus walk 225€ (+VAT 24%) / Group 10-25 persons

For further details please contact:

Henri Kautiala
Camps and International Relations
+358 44 3459921