About us

Founded in 1909, Varala is a pioneer at the sports institute scene in Finland, especially in the field of women’s gymnastics. The institute was originally founded to promote women’s physical education. The strong and devoted women who founded the institute strongly believed that someday their efforts in promoting sports education would be rightly understood and recognised.

To this day Varala continues to be a leading force as a sports education. We also provide in-depth knowledge in sports in the form of courses and camps, group meetings and recreational days as well as training services.

Easily accessible

Located right in the middle of Tampere, Varala is easily accessible with both public and private transport. Local bus number 25 runs from the centre of the city right next to Varala three times in an hour. We are only 3km away from the coach station, 4km from the railway station and 16km from the Pirkkala airport. By car, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to reach us once you get to Tampere.

Safe and peaceful with an outstanding landscape


The forests of Pyynikinharju and Lake Pyhäjärvi astound with their beauty. Here you have everything you need in one place – accommodation, catering services, exercise and lecture facilities and saunas overlooking the lake. We keep our grounds cosy and secure.

Kind hearted and relaxed

We aim to create a truly pleasant atmosphere here at Varala.

Resourceful and friendly staff ensures an enjoyable visit

Our own full-time staff knows how the things are run. Varala is just the right size for us to know the people we are working with. We know how to put theories to practical use as we train and educate the future professionals in the sports industry. We have excellent opportunities for sport specific education thanks to our proficient trainers.

Way to the heart is through the stomach

Our kitchen is known for their standards for excellence, whether it is lunch for students or a specifically catered menu for a special event. Our all-inclusive services include breakfast, lunch and dinner with additional evening snack during Sports camps and Family Sport events. We often deliver dinners to Rantasauna building for groups to enjoy with their sauna evenings.

We are known for simplicity

It only takes one phone call or an email to arrange everything you need to guarantee a successful event: accommodation, catering services, training and lecture facilities, exercise programmes and saunas by the lake. Professionals at the Testing Lab will give you guidance for staying in shape and improving in the direction you want. We offer more than 50 different options in sports and fitness for you to choose from on top of the excellent opportunities the surrounding nature has to offer. In June 2015 we welcomed the adventure park Flowpark Varala on our grounds adding even more opportunities for our guests. All you need are suitable clothes for exercising and we provide the equipment and space. As we are only 3km from the centre of Tampere, there are countless opportunities for some additional activities such as shopping, cinema, theatre and concerts to enhance your experience.