High Performance Training Center

Varala High Performance Training Center

Varala High Performance Training Center is one of six national training centers in Finland appointed by the Finnish Olympic Committee. Varala HPTC offers housing, dining and training facilities and state-of -the-art knowledge and know-how for coaching. We cooperate with several national sports federations and local sports clubs.

Varala HPTC focuses on four main areas in sports:

  1. we offer national team & other training camps,
  2. coach education,
  3. performance testing and training load/recovery monitoring,
  4. and multidisciplinary coaching and counselling services for individual & team sports.

Additional support is provided in the form of training facilities, sports medicine and science, coaching education, education and career services, safe sport and anti-doping programming.

We believe that athlete’s good life skills and functional dual career options for student athletes are at the heart of success in sports. Therefore Varala HPTC coordinates Tampere Sports Academy that aims to help student athletes combine their academic and sport careers. We work in close co-operation with the Finnish education and school system, the city of Tampere, local schools and sports clubs, national sports federations, and Finnish Olympic Committee’s Sports Academy Program.

Tampere Sports Academy has more than 1 500 athlete members ranging from early teenagers to professional athletes and Olympic medalists and an active network of coaches, sports schools’ staff, and other support personnel from all areas of athlete’s life.

What we offer for international guests:

  • Housing (more than 200 beds), dining, training facilities, recreational facilities and other services for athletes and coaches
  • Performance testing
  • Sports research, development, and innovation services
  • Coach education remotely and on site
  • Erasmus+ exchange program for athletes and coaches

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our international exchange program or other services in the field of elite sports.


Varala’s approach to sports and leisure is extremely inclusive, ranging from physical education of preschoolers and teachers to recreational activities for businesses, not to mention elderly people and families.