International Sport Camp

Haluatko oppia englantia hauskalla tavalla. Tule ja koe jotain uutta!

Welcome to Varala International Sports Camp 6.-9.7.2020.

Enjoy fun activities and meet new friends. You will have the chance to try out games like Fun Battle and Lacrosse, train Parkour, Swimming and Easy Boxing. This camp is for English speaking kids and for those kids who want to learn more English in a fun way. Come and experience a summer with fun!


Participant with accommodation   229 €
Participant without accommodation 199 €

Early Bird price before 1.3.2020.
Participant with accommodation 199 €

Enjoy in pool


ma-to 6.-9.7.2020

Leirin ohjaajana toimii suomenkieliset ohjaajat, joten leiriläisillä ei tarvitse olla entuudestaan hyvää englanninkielen taitoa.
Painotamme ohjauksessa ja muussa leiritoiminnassa englannin kieltä oppimisen kannalta, mutta lapset pystyvät toimimaan hyvin suomenkielelläkin


My name is Anton Bright and I will be one of your sports and activity instructors. I will make sure you will enjoy your time at the International Sports Camp to the fullest.

I am currently doing an internship year at the Varala Sports Institute as a part of my ”Sport and Social Sciences” course at the University of Bath.

I was born in a tiny country called Luxembourg and I played football for the U-19 national team there.

I like playing and watching team sports, especially Football and Rugby. So, if you are a sports fan feel free to discuss about football or any other sport with me at any time 😉.

Fun facts about me:In addition to Finnish, I speak fluent English, French and a little bit of German and Luxembourgish (yes, it is a language).

I have never lived in Finland.

I have 3 passports.

Hopefully you are as excited as I am for the Sports Camp!

See you all in July.


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