Terms for bookings and payments

Terms for bookings

General booking terms for courses/camps

1.You do not need a specific reason for cancellation if

-the booking is cancelled 28 days before the beginning of the course/camp, a cancelling fee of 25€ will be charged.
-the booking is cancelled between 28 and 14 days before the start of the course/camp, a cancelling fee of 50€ will be charged.
-the booking is cancelled between 14 days and 48 hours before the start of the course/camp, a 50% of the price of the course/camp is charged.
-the booking is cancelled later than 48 hours before the start of the course/camp we/Varala reserve the right to charge the entire price of the course/camp.

2.If you fall ill before the course/camp, we require a doctor’s note in which case we charge 25€ for office expenses and return the rest of the original price of the course/camp. However, should you have to leave in the middle of the course/camp due to sudden illness Varala/we are not required to return your money or give you a discount.

3.Depending on the course/camp, the minimum number of attendees is 10-12 people. We reserve the right for cancellations 14 days before the start as well as changes in prices and times. Should the cancellation occur due to us, we will contact you immediately and return the booking fee in full.

Terms for payments

When making a booking, you can choose either a bill, an online payment or a credit card payment.

The due date for the payments are between two to six weeks prior depending of the event. By paying you are guaranteed a place on the course/camp and the payment needs to be made in advance in order to participate. In the case of the Group Deal, the contact person for the deal must collect the payments from the group and pay at the reception on arrival. Billing afterwards is an option for a 9,50€ billing fee. Please note: The price will be higher per person if there are less than 10 participants in the Group Deal.

For additional information about our camps and courses, payments and bookings, contact our sales department.

Sales department
Monday to Friday
03 2631 211 (tel)
myynti(at)varala.fi (email)