Group exercises

(In brackets: maximum number of participants per session)

  • Strenght training classes

    CrossCore (20)
    Cross- Training (25)
    Fitball (25)
    Foamroller (25)
    FlowTonic (25)
    Gymstick (25)
    Self-defence (30)
    Kettlebell (20)
    Bodyweight workout (25)
    Stick workout (40)
    Fitness boxing (30)
    Neck & Shoulders (40)
    Back Workout Education (30)
    Active gym training (20)

  • Indoor ball games

  • Ball Bouncer (20)
  • Bumball (16)
  • Futsal (20)
  • Kin-Ball (20)
  • Volleyball (24)
  • Badminton (16)
  • Floorball (20)
  • Dance classes

  • Latin dance (50)
  • Lavis-dance class (30)
  • Line dancing (50)
  • Body and mind

  • Chi Ball (30)
  • Pilates (30)
  • Saunayoga (8-9)
  • Stretching & Relaxation (40)
  • Climbing activities

  • Rock climbing (8)
  • Milking machine (8)
  • Trapeze jump (8)
  • Crate climbing (8)
  • Giant’s ladder (8)
  • Winter sports

  • Snow shoe walk (20)
  • Broomball (20)
  • Ice fishing (25)
  • Water sports

  • Water workout (approx. 20)
  • Other

  • Archery (16)
  • Team games (200)
  • Break workout 10 min
  • Outdoor sports

  • Frisbee golf (18)
  • Football (30)
  • Long boat rowing (2 x 14)
  • Culture walk in Pispala (20)
    Kayaking (16/per instructor)
    Canoeing (12-16)
    Outdoor games (25)
    Nordic walking (30)


  • Tests

  • Energy test (10/h)
  • Firstbeat (14)
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Strenght training tests (25)
  • Body mobility tests (30)
  • Walk test (100)
  • Bicycle ergometer exercise test (6 persons/h)
  • Fitness level test (approx. 20)

Strength training classes (maximum number of participants per session)

CrossCore (20)

CrossCore is an active full body workout with special attention paid to the core muscles and body control. For this we use the CrossCore machine (pulley and rope), inflexible nylon cord and bodyweight. The class comprises of a variety of strength, balance and mobility exercises. Suitable for people of all levels since the intensity of the training depends on the angle of your body.

Cross-Training (25)

A hard, high intensity strength and fitness class. The goal is to increase your oxygen intake, muscle endurance, maximal strength, speed and agility. Suitable for professional as well as recreational athletes.

Foamroller (25)

A Foam roller is used for massage and self-myofascial release. The aim of this technique is to improve muscle elasticity. The Foam roller is also an excellent tool for different types of strength, stability, mobility and balance exercises.

FlowTonic (25)

Flow Tonic is a simple training technique that combines strength and fluency with soft and flowing movements. In this class, we use one or two smooth pads, approximately 25cm in diameter under our hands and feet to glide across the floor. This kind of training develops movement, coordination and strengthens both deep and superficial muscles. The class focuses on several muscle groups as well as mobility of the spine and joints.

Gymstick (25)

Efficient use of the Gymstick gives you a full-body workout. Strength training at its best, this workout develops your respiratory and circulatory systems, muscle strength, balance and control. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Self-defence (30)

This class entails exercises for defending in threatening situations, escaping an attacker’s grip and general personal safety instructions. This class is planned with all ages and fitness levels in mind.

Kettlebell (20)

Active strength exercise class that requires cooperation between different muscle groups. This type of exercise improves muscle strength, balance, body control, endurance and mobility. Learn the proper technique and gain tips for your personal workout programme.

Body weight training (25)

This class focuses on improving your balance, coordination skills and activating those core muscles. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Diverse sets combined with some basic equipment challenges and develops your motor skills.

Stick workout (40)

The Stick workout class is easy and effective and it is aimed at developing mobility, coordination and control of the core muscles. The focus is on the upper body, shoulders and neck as well as stomach and back muscles. Suitable for all ages.

Fitness boxing (30)

An effective type of exercise that utilizes the basic movements of boxing. This class consists of muscle training and stretching. Boxing improves endurance, strengthens your upper body and relaxes trigger points of the upper body and arms. You can change the intensity according to your own fitness level.

Neck & Shoulders (40)

Light exercise class meant to strengthen and loosen the upper back and muscles around the neck and shoulders. This class consists of easy warm up exercises and a long stretching session towards the end.

Back workout education (30)

This is an interactive lecture where we examine structure, mobility and strength and the back. The class also entails exercises for strengthening, stretching and relaxing your back so you will need exercises clothes. The class lasts for 90 mins.

Active gym workout (20)

Modern gym training consisting of improving the movements with exercises and equipment. The class is about learning the right techniques and correct free weight training. A great way to gain tips for your own personal gym training.

Dance classes

Latin dance (50)

Energetic and inviting dance class utilising the movements of merengue, salsa and samba among others.

Lavis-class (30)

This new, fun, easy and sweaty form of exercise is based on open-air dancing but for this you don’t need a partner to stomp on your toes. Waltz, tango, salsa, jive, and Finnish dances humppa and jenkka all serve as inspiration for this class. A great way to learn a new dance routine whilst working out.

Line dancing (50)

Fun and fitness to the beat of country music. This type of dance consists of simple steps all together in a line form.

Body and mind

Chi Ball (30)

Peaceful exercise with ChiBalls, a practise based on Chinese medicine, pilates and yoga. This class includes warming up movements and exercises for those deep core muscles ending with a relaxation session. The aim of this class is to improve breathing, mobility and posture.

Pilates (30)

Based on controlling your core, pilates is a form of exercise that improves strength and endurance. It also increases mobility of the joints and strengthens the muscles along your spine. A calm combination adjustable to your own breathing pattern.

Sauna Yoga (8-9)

In accordance with its name, Sauna Yoga takes place in a low temperature sauna and is suitable for those comfortable with these surroundings. No previous experience with yoga is needed. This 30-minute class consists of six positions, aimed at strengthening core and leg muscles, increasing mobility of the spine and hip joints and stretching the muscles of the upper body and backside. The class takes place in our own sauna facilities that fit between 8 and 9 people.

Stretching & Relaxation (40)

Stretching is the kay to relaxing your body after a workout. Long stretches help the muscles recover and add to the mobility of the joints. We will go through all of the main muscle groups with several options for each movement and guidance for achieving the right technique. During the relaxation time, we lie on the floor and consciously relax the whole body.

Water sports

Water workout (20)

Using water as resistance we get an efficient and diverse workout. Some additional equipment is available to add intensity and support to the exercises. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Indoor ball games

Ball Bouncer (approx. 20)

Fun team sport for all ages and fitness levels, Ball Bouncer is similar to Floorball but the bats and balls are soft. The shape of the bat changes the course of the ball and you never know where it will go.

Bumball (16)

Playful and different alternative to the common ball games, Bumball requires a keen eye and quick movements but it is easy to learn. The ball is caught and carried using a Velcro vest.

Futsal (20)

Futsal is a combination of football, basketball and handball. We will teach you the rules and put them to action. Team sports improve endurance, mobility and sport specific techniques.

Kin-Ball (20)

This great game is played with three teams and a huge, 1,02m in diameter ball that only weights 1kg! This is a great way to learn team spirit, sportsmanship, and hand-eye-coordination and improve your fitness level.

Volleyball for beginners (24)

In this class, we will go over the basic movements and the rules of the game. We will put these techniques to practical use but keep a relaxed, playful spirit to the game. Soft volleyball is a simpler version of the sport. It is played with a softer ball and is suitable for beginners.

Badminton (16)

We will play, rehearse the basic techniques and go over the rules. Badminton is great for improving mobility and with a bit more tempo it also increases endurance and strengthens your bones. Badminton is great for beginners, because it does not require as much skill as for example tennis.

Floorball (20)

Lots of game time mixed with some basic technique training and education about the rules. Floorball is effective endurance training.

Outdoor sports

Frisbee golf (18)

In Varala, we have a 9-hole lane for throwing Frisbees to metal baskets. Similar to actual golf, the aim is to get the Frisbee in the basket with as small amount of throws as possible.

Football (30)

In addition to playing we will go over some basic techniques and the rules of the game. We play on an artificial turf pitch.

Long boat rowing (2 x 14)

Rowing is a great full body workout and suitable for all fitness levels. Long boat rowing requires cooperation and is essentially a social endurance sport. We have two long boats with enough seats for 28 people combined. One of our trainers acts as an instructor. The usual route takes 1,5 hours and ends at Laukontori at the center of Tampere with a 15-minute refreshment break.

Cultural walk around Pispala (20)

A guided walk around the nearby areas of Pispala, Tahmela and Pyynikki. Get to know the historic sites and enjoy the picturesque view.

Canoeing (12-16)

Canoeing is a great group activity for adults. We have two canoes that each fit 6 to 8 people.

Outdoor games (25)

Fun in the sun with traditional Finnish outdoor games mölkky and kyykkä, and petanque.

Nordic walking (30)

Effective and safe exercise for all ages and fitness levels. This class includes some stick exercises and stretching in addition to the walk itself. A coffee break in the Pyynikki observation tower can be added to the trip. A brisk outdoor walk in a beautiful forest setting is guaranteed to lift your spirit.


Archery (16)

Anyone can learn archery. This type of sport requires patience and focus – a perfect antidote to the hectic, modern lifestyle.

Team games (200)

Team games combine the benefits of exercise with the fun of group success. These activities include problem solving tasks, orienteering in teams of 4-6 people. This is an excellent choice for building team spirit and for lighter exercise between the meal times.

Break workout 10 min

A short, refreshing break between meetings. We will come and instruct you in your current meeting room for this session. You will learn tips for you own day to day breaks at your workplace.

Climbing activities

Adventure park Flowpark Varala

>Read more about Flowpark Varala

Rock climbing (8)

* Lowering: lowering yourself with rope down a 15m high cliff.
* Climbing: climbing up a 15m cliff.

Milking machine (8)

Walk an 8m distance on a wire 5m up in the air. Your only support is loosely hanging ropes.

Trapeze jump (8)

Climb to the top of a 6,5m pole, stand up and jump to the trapeze waiting between the trees.

Crate climbing (8)

Go as high as you can by piling on as many bottle crates on top of another as you can. An assistant will hand or throw you the crates.

Giant’s ladder (8)

Climbing up a 10m high and 2m wide swinging rope ladder. The distance between the rungs can be over 1,5m.

Winter sports

Snowshoe walk (20)

A brisk walk in the forest or on the ice with snowshoes attached to your own shoes.

Broomball (20)

A ball game played on ice (either Tahmela pitch or Lake Pyhäjärvi) but without skates.
All you need is a broom and a ball (volleyball, football) and some winter shoes. Suitable for children and adults and groups of all sizes.

Ice fishing (25)

Just try your luck or make it into a competition. The most common fish found in Lake Pyhäjärvi is the perch, but with a little bit of luck you can also catch pike perch, brown trout, rainbow trout or even an eel. An excellent addition for camp school programmes.


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